Gotcha Day

I arrived at the DFACS office with nerves and anticipation.  I was greeted by paperwork, paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork.  Insurance and subsidy information was provided, guardianship and adoption intent paperwork was signed.  Jesse brought the kids into the conference room. Mickey and Minnie were both crying. Mickey clung to me, Minnie to Jesse. After good-byes were said and many tears were shed, I followed Elise to Mickey’s school to withdraw him.  We then headed to our county’s main office to enroll him there. The kids had calmed and the tears had stopped. But, Mickey was running was running all over the office, climbing on furniture and was out of control. He had gum when he left the office. Approximately one mile from the county office, he was playing with the gum (sticking it on the window, his sister, the seats of the car) and after repeated warnings, I told him to give it to me.  He freaked out! Animalistic is the only way to describe his behavior next. He twisted and came out of his booster and seat belt. I pulled the car over into a parking lot. Mickey opened the door and made an attempt at a run.  He was hysterical – screaming, hitting, kicking, crying, clawing, biting. Minnie was in tears.  He climbed in the third row after his escape was unsuccessful. It took nearly an hour to calm him. It was scary.  I left the incident bleeding and confused.  This was the worst we had seen to date.

The rest of the day was entirely uneventful. As we had seen before his behavior after a meltdown would return to normal, if not overly calm, while those around him remained completely shell-shocked. That night, thanks to his new school, I was able to walk Mickey through what to expect.  They had recorded a video of each of his teachers, including PE, Art, Music, Technology, General Ed, Special Ed, Speech and OT.  His general ed teacher, Mrs. B. also detailed the morning routine and the schedule, so that he knew what to expect


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