The beginning of our journey

My name is Mindy and I am a 38 year single mother (by choice) to a sweet and rambunctious 9 year old boy (we will call Mickey) and a glittery and kind 7 year old girl (we will call Minnie), adopted from foster care. We recently celebrated our 3rd adoption anniversary and I finally feel ready to document the process and the challenges that we have faced during our journey. Dates may be approximate, but the details are very real.  This isn’t a blog to scare anyone – I wouldn’t make a different choice, even knowing what I know now. I am blogging this to document and truly express our story. Names may be changed to protect the innocent and to protect my children. The first several posts will be catch up posts to document the adoption process.

If you are reading this, stay with me – I will get caught up.  I won’t sugar coat the challenges nor will I gloss over the awesome accomplishments. Adopting from foster care is an amazing experience.  It can also be one of the toughest journeys to go on.  Just a couple of months shy of having these two amazing kids for four years has taught me that anything worth having, is worth working for.  It has been work and there have been many tears, yelling, laughter and awesome memories made.


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