The first psychiatrist visit


Dr. Patel was the psychiatrist that Jesse had said actually listened.  She raved about him. This would be our worst day up until that point.  It had only been 14 days and each one was growing worse and worse. We walked into the office and the waiting room was packed.  There was one chair for 3 of us. I had brought matchbox cars and books for the kids, but it was noisy.  A tv blared and the other parents were trying to wrangle their children as well.  Remember, not many neurotypical children or children without behavior issues tend to see a psychiatrist and this is one of only three in a 40 mile radius. 1.5 hours past our appointment time the waiting room had cleared out, there were maybe 8 chairs and a small sofa open. Mickey was running between them.  He was melting down quickly – stimming, banging furniture, getting louder and louder, etc.  I did everything in my power to control the behavior.  The harder I tried, the worse it got.  Eventually, I physically restrained him by putting him in my lap and crossing my legs over his and my arms crossed in front of him to keep him from his attempts at yanking the plasma tv off the wall. He fought me tooth and nail and was screaming.,  A nurse came out and rather than offering to help, she asked me why I couldn’t control my kid.  I was tempted to let him destroy the place at that point.  25 minutes later – a full 2+ hours past our appointment time, we were taken back to see the doctor, much to the pleasure of the nurses and the rest of the waiting room. Mickey calmed down on the way back, but promptly started climbing on the furniture and messing up everything in the doctor’s office.

Dr. Patel entered and saw this.  I mentioned the meltdowns, the violence, the waiting room issues, concerns at school and the challenges we were having filling the Risperdol.  He gave me a new medication – Trileptal – and told me to feed him a big breakfast each day.  We were out of the office in 4 minutes.,

Mickey’s meltdown ramped back up on the way back to the car.  It took nearly an hour to get in the car and be able to leave.  Ultimately, I had to put Mickey in Minnie’s car seat because he couldn’t unhook the 5 point harness.  Minnie had to ride home in a booster seat, which she was not big enough for.  He screamed and kicked the entire 35 minute drive home.


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