After school care – Daycare #2 & #3

1/26/2012 – Nikki texted me at work to let me know that Mickey had attacked her while holding the baby.  He then threw a chair at the two year old.  She said we needed to talk.

When I arrived Nikki was crying.  She loved Mickey and in 20+ years of childcare had never had to ask a child to leave.  She was devastated.  We had always known this was a trial, but she couldn’t jeopardize her business nor the safety of the other children. Especially since Mickey was only part time. She feared I would pull Minnie out as well, but I wasn’t angry.  I knew what Mickey was capable of and Minnie was thriving there.  She loved her Ms. Nikki and so did I.  Now the question was, what do I do with Mickey?  As it was Thursday, Nikki said she would keep him on Friday and would until I found another option.

I called the school and spoke with the head of the after school program.  I explained Mickey’s needs and behaviors and asked if they could take that on.  She said she would talk to his teacher and called me back with an affirmative response.  He was scheduled to start Monday the 30th.

1/30 – ASP

46 minutes after school ended, I was notified that they could not handle his issues.  They said they would try for two more days – since I had paid for a week, plus registration fees. I called Carl again for help to find out who had watched his son when he was younger.  I was directed to a different Kids R Kids than we had attempted first and a wonderful assistant director.

On 1/31, I met with the assistant director at KRK and I was brutally honest.  She said “no problem”.  Of course, I had heard that before, but I had no other options, so I took her at her word. Mickey would begin the next day.  They would transport him from school to there.

2/1 – Mickey’s first day at KRK.  The assistant director drove the daycare bus and had to pull over on the way to the daycare after picking him up from school.  She pulled over and told him to get out.  Mickey got freaked out and told me “Ms M does not play momma”.  She had few bus issues with him for the remainder of his time there.  This would be an important clue.  Mickey did best with firm boundaries and immediate consequences – if one was to nice, he would run over you, if one was wishy washy….well, forget it.

As things continued to decline at home and school and daycare was a daily struggle, we continues trying to get the Risperdol covered.  The psychiatrist continued to prescribe it and appeal it regularly.  I also notified DFACS of medication changes.  We had tried to up the Trileptal, but that raised the tantrum count to 10-20 a day and absolute defiance.  The therapy group had added a CSI (community support intervention) one day a week.  She was to help with behavior outside of the home and work with his therapist.  She could go to the grocery store with us, or go to his daycare, etc. At this time, they suggested we up the CSI to 4 days a week.

We had gone somewhere as a family, with my parents.  It was a bit of a drive and we were on our way home nearly 3 hours after the kids’ bedtime.  Mickey was tired and whining, but he told me he couldn’t sleep without his “night night meds”.  I found this disturbing.  The kids was exhausted, so as though we didn’t have enough going on, I talked to the psychiatrist about weaning off the Clonodine.  I figured it couldn’t be worse, and we could always go back to it, but we wanted to try.  As Clonidine is a blood pressure med, there shouldn’t have been any side effects when taking him off.  We tried it and the poor child threw up 8 times and was shaking so badly he couldn’t even take a sip of water. So we weaned instead and cut the pills down very gradually over the next several weeks.


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