We had a psychological for Mickey done in late November and the first week of December.  This involved me meeting with the psychologist and filling out questionnaires related to behavior and emotions seen in Mickey. I also got copies for Jesse, to see if hers might be more accurate – keeping in mind that I hadn’t even had him for two months and that we were in the midst of a significant adjustment. The psychologist also looked at notes from the therapist, sent home questionnaires for his teachers and met with Mickey himself.  Mickey was less than cooperative.  Even broken into two sessions over two days, it was about 4 hours total of time with the doctor – away from me.  They had to keep breaking so that Mickey could be sure I was still there.  He would come and see me and eat a snack about every 20-30 minutes. More challenging was the time I had to be in the room while he waited in the waiting room.

I met with the psychologist on 1/3/12 to get the results, after compiling Mickey’s answers, mine, Jesse’s, and his teachers and it was a tough day.  They returned several diagnosis – ADHD, Pervasive Developmental delays, Sensory Processing Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, and a Bipolar Rule out diagnosis. A rule out means that he meets the diagnostic criteria, but they need to observe for a period before making that diagnosis. Most disheartening was the IQ results – he was on the low end of the scale – not low average, but low. I did not believe this, because he seemed to be a very bright little boy, but the results were what they were.

Bipolar scared me, more than a little.  I knew the statistics. I knew what that meant for him lifelong.  I didn’t want that for him, but to be honest, I was glad to have an answer.  See, I don’t put a ton of stock in diagnosis, but we needed to be sure we were doing the right therapies and the right medications, so they are somewhat important.  The bipolar label isn’t one I wanted to stick him with at six years old, but stuck he was.  The PDD and the ADHD now would take a backseat to the Bipolar – even though it was a rule out diagnosis.  The ODD diagnosis was a blow too. That is a challenging diagnosis too.

I emailed Elise to advise her of the results and she just asked me to email her a copy and setup our January visit.  Still no acknowledgement that maybe Jesse hadn’t been exaggerating. We also met Mickey’s new therapist, Vanessa, today as well.  She is young and fun and nice and Mickey liked her.  Again, I was hopeful.  We also setup an appointment with a new psychiatrist, as I was very reluctant to go back to Dr. Patel. The new psychiatrist was through the same company Vanessa came from and I liked the comprehensive approach of having the psychiatrist and the therapist working together.  The new psychiatrist also appealed the Risperdol denial through medicaid, but was not successful.


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