More challenges

11/28/2011 – My first full day back at work, first day of after school care and the first day on the new special needs bus

The bus didn’t show.  We waited and waited.  I drove Mickey to school and found out later that the county transportation office had opted against the special ed bus.  They decided instead to hire a bus monitor and install a 5 point harness on the bus.

That afternoon he rode the bus to Nikki’s house.  Minnie was doing very well there.  It was a small setting – 5 kids, including Minnie.  She was the oldest and that was a good setup for Mickey.  He loved little kids – he adored my best friends 3 year old son, he loved the baby foster brother he had left. Nikki didn’t usually do after school care, just full time day care, but she was familiar with Mickey and Mickey with her.  We thought that a small setting would be better than an after school program – either at the school or a traditional daycare center.  We were right, but things were spiraling out of control and this wouldn’t be an easy, but Nikki had raised three children and run that daycare for 22 years.  We were sure she could handle it, but we established that it would be a trial basis.  Because she knew what was going on, we also knew that there was a potential risk that he would have a raging meltdown and she couldn’t risk her business, nor would I let her.

On 11/29, I was notified by DFACs that Minnie needed a psychological evaluation – even though there were no concerns other than knowing that there had been alcohol exposure. We setup the appointment for January, but other than some spatial delays, nothing turned up in the psychological.  She had two of the four checkboxes for FAS, but not enough for a diagnosis.


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