Fall and holidays 2012

Fall was a mixed bag – September was decent, October bad, the first part of November was good.  With all things Mickey, it was up and down.  We had some fun, there were moments of normalcy. Leaves, pumpkin patches, Halloween – unfortunately, Mickey did not get to participate that year, as he got in quite a bit of trouble that week.  So he joined Minnie and I without a costume on our trick or treating.

479770_10151362591610127_1856073770_n (1)

Thanksgiving was fine, but after the break we began our annual holiday behaviors.  Lack of routine and normal schedule was a disaster for Mickey.  The issues at school were increasing and he was spending more and more of his day outside of the general education setting and in the smaller special education class.  He had to miss out on the holiday party because of behavior.  We discovered that when I volunteered in his class or visited him for lunch, his behavior would be awful in the afternoon, so I had to withdraw from both.

This would continue through January.  Oddly though, behavior at home was continuing to improve.  Minnie danced her first Nutcracker and Mickey sat through the performance, enthralled. after 4 months of rehearsals, I think he was excited to see the finished product. We had a lovely Christmas and on New Years, Minnie went to her first sleepover with her best friend.  Mickey and I drank sparkling grape juice and toasted the new year. I was looking forward to a better 2013.  2013 would mark milestones and things that I never thought possible for Mickey.  There would also be numerous challenges.

61330_10151381717300127_1540821248_n 541850_10151410861540127_915357832_n


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