Disney – our first trip 2013

The day had arrived.  The kids knew we were going sometime in the fall, but to keep down the “how many more days” and Mickey obsessing, I gave vague answers.  We left on Mickey’s birthday and drove to Florida.  I pulled them out of school for three days and I had both teacher’s blessings.  They both sent the homework and schoolwork to be missed and the kids did it in the car.

We checked in to great fan fare – there were birthday balloons and buttons. There was a Mickey towel shape on the bed.  The two kids could hardly sleep with excitement. My feelings were far more anxious than excited.  While we had tested a theme park, nothing really compares to Disney.


The trip was great.  Did Mickey struggle somewhat? Yes.  Was it a tough trip for him? Yes. But, he had a blast.  Minnie was completely enamored with all things Disney. As a die hard princess fan, she loved the princess dinner.  Both kids adored the character meals and we did one each day. They were long and exciting, but also provided a little break from the insanity and food.  Mickey’s go to comfort item is food.  We packed lots of snacks.  We did lots of fast passes and skipped lines that were too long.  We spent the most time at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, as I didn’t think Epcot or Hollywood Studios would be as interesting to them yet.  We discovered that Minnie is a coaster junkie, and the faster the better.  As with all things, Mickey was initially terrified, but enjoyed them too (I didn’t force him – he doesn’t like his little sister to do things he can’t do).

We even made it to fireworks one night. Mickey even sang Happy Birthday to them! It was amazing and it planted a seed in both kids. Disney magic was alive and well, and while the trip required more logistical planning than I had done on previous trips with my niece and nephews, it worked.  They were already asking when the next trip was, before we had even gotten out of Florida.  I didn’t have high hopes for another trip anytime soon, but that would change too.

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