Summer 2014

After Mickey’s partial hospitalization (outpatient program) came to an end, the summer continued as normal.  Minnie and mickey went to daycare, I worked and we struggled to regulate ADHD meds, so that Mickey could focus on anything.  He was frustrated by his lack of focus, as he couldn’t even enjoy a tv show or games he enjoyed previously.

Mickey had always enjoyed music, but this became more intense this summer.  Grandpa gave him an old acoustic guitar.  He also found my old ipod.  I have been passionate about music my whole life.  I picked up the clarinet at age six and I still play it today, plus several other instruments over the years.  I haven’t met a genre of music that I couldn’t appreciate.  Mickey is the same.  Minnie on the other hand is a straight up rock and roll girl. Mickey developed a serious obsession with Elvis and Johnny Cash this summer.  Like your average 8 year old, he enjoyed Katy Perry and your typical pop music too, but his love went to music before his time.  He couldn’t get enough and he started researching.

We made our annual trip to Indiana.  More fun with cousins, more progress by Mickey and a fascinating sountrack with Mickey DJing from the back seat.  Holiday World was visited with a group of 13 cousins. Pigs were played with, corn fields run through, four wheelers ridden.  The summer was good.  I felt hope again, though each setback would temper that hope with a touch of fear. But, we were heading for 3rd grade with that hope.

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