Holidays 2014

And for the first time, we were able to just be…and enjoy the holiday season. To call Mickey’s behavior flawless would be a gross exaggeration, but this year he was able to keep from a downward slide and he was able to adapt to the schedule changes and differences.  We enjoyed every minute of the holiday season.  Lights were looked at, trees were decorated, our favorite Santa visited and it was great.

So, I should mention that having a child on the spectrum works for me in some ways – I am a planner.  I don’t do impulsive well, I have a diagnosed social anxiety disorder as well, so crowds and I don’t get along either.  So, when I was called on a Thursday night and invited to Disney on the following Monday, two weeks or so before Christmas, I almost immediately said no.  But, the taping of the Christmas parade is what we were being invited to, and how do you turn down that opportunity?  Plus, free Disney tickets?  Even I paused to think about.  Mickey was doing well and could certainly afford to miss two days of school, Minnie had only missed the two days for my grandmother’s funeral, I called my friend and bummed a place to sleep and I emailed both kids’ teachers.  Their response was an emphatic “yes!”.  So I said yes.

And our second trip to Disney was to be a whirlwind.  We had tickets for the taping on Monday, but had Nutcracker performances that Saturday.  So, we left Sunday and were to head home late Tuesday.  The person who had gotten us the tickets was a Cast Member, and the daughter of the kids’ beloved former kindergarten teacher.  She generously offered us Tuesday in the park as well and we were anxious to see the Osborne family lights display at Hollywood Studios, the one park the kids hadn’t been to yet.

We took my friend and her family to dinner Sunday night as a thank you for letting us invade their house on no notice.  We left for the Magic Kingdom Monday morning, in the rain and chilly weather.  We were given dress codes and none of our sweatshirts would meet this dress code because they had other logos, so we picked up some Disney sweatshirts, braved the rainy chill and got ready for parade taping….which was cancelled due to weather.  After three hours of trying to get one song recorded on the stage in front of the castle, they gave that up too.  So, we spent the day playing at the Magic Kingdom.  I was  a bit bummed about the parade, but it was still a free day at Disney! And we made the most of it.

10300670_10153002263900127_134856094702442115_n 10868237_10153002263355127_2650000348936944958_n 10888554_10153002262215127_9044022784641805055_n

On Tuesday we packed up the car and headed to Hollywood Studios.  The kids loved the park – we rode Tower of Terror and Rock n Roller Coaster, did a Frozen sing-along, we got our first and last picture in front of the sorcerer’s hat and we spent the day immersed in that Disney Magic.  We headed home as soon as the light display was done (and if you haven’t seen the Osborne family lights, you should – very cool).  It was going to be a late night for me, but the kids had done their missed school work in the car on the way up, and I knew they would sleep.  Because being the mean mom I am, they were going to school on Wednesday 🙂

After our little trip, we got right back into the holiday schedule and Christmas and New Years went off without a hitch.  Even Mickey’s teachers were impressed by how little a Disney trip threw Mickey off course.  2015 was looking very exciting.

These are the Janimals that both children insisted on getting for Christmas, along with the stuffies they begged for – dumbest gift ever, but they love them.



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