The first call of the year

So, we made it 9 days into the new school year before the first phone call from school.  So, what did Mickey do?  A binder.  Yes, a 3 ring binder was the trigger that prompted Mickey to “elope”.  Mickey goes to a daycare program after school, while I work and he put the binder together last week with some paper, a pencil bag with colored pencils and was using it to do art work at daycare.

Well, apparently he is obsessing on the binder.  I saw the first sign of the obsession this morning, when he came downstairs and had snuck it upstairs and stayed up late drawing.  He wouldn’t get ready for school this morning because he wanted to go over his drawings and he burst into tears when I told him he couldn’t have the notebook back until he was dressed.  At school he insisted on taking it to breakfast and they told him no, because he was dropping papers and stuff out of it.  So, he grabbed the binder and ran – not out of the school, but to the gym. They called the resource officer to get him and to quote the administrator “watching the RO chase him was like chasing a hummingbird”, as he zig zagged across the gym gripping his binder.

His school has what they call “the happy room”.  This is generally a cool down room – a large classroom with nothing in it – including no door.  He can ask to go there or be sent there when he is out of control.  He will be spending the day there today, but he decided that he was going to negotiate and tell them he was only staying if they gave him his binder.  LOL, no chance.  So, he kept trying to leave to go get it. So, his teacher called me and offered the phone to Mickey.  That got him back in line, but we will see how the rest of the day goes.

Autism is a funny thing.  It is impossible to know what is going to trigger the obsessions.  It is difficult to see the signs until the obsession has begun.  A binder?  I didn’t see that one coming.


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