Dance and EIPs

Mickey attended his first hip hop 2 class last night.  The kid did great, and I was admittedly shocked. The class was larger than the smaller hip hop 1 class, and all girls, versus about half and half in hop hop 1. But, Mickey held his own.  His moves are awkward, but he did them and participated until the very end. So, we are making that a permanent move – Minnie stays in Hip Hop 1 and Mickey in Hip Hop 2, thus foiling my perfectly planned schedule of cramming 5 dance classes between the children into only 2 days. Plus, in an interesting turn of events, for the first time ever, Minnie had to wait on Mickey to finish a dance class – after 3.5 years of Mickey waiting for her.


So, my biggest fear with Minnie is that I miss something.  So much of my attention is focused on Mickey and his challenges (academically and behaviorally) and Minnie is so fiercely independent and relatively low maintenance, that I don’t want her to slip through the cracks.  She has the same traumatic background, and while she didn’t have prenatal drug exposure, she was alcohol exposed.  So, I noticed as we started second grade that she is behind in reading and there are some concerns with number inversions.  I don’t want to be paranoid, nor look for problems where there are none, but again, the fear…

I emailed her teacher and told her to tell me if I was freaking out for nothing, but she said I wasn’t.  Minnie qualifies for EIP (early intervention program) for reading.  She is able to decode words well, but her fluency is way below target.  She is slow and it is almost painful to listen to her read.  We read every day, but there just hasn’t been improvement in fluency.  Even sight words, which she knows, in the context of a paragraph are being sounded out slowly.

The inverted numbers would not normally be of concern until later in the year, but this isn’t sometimes.  This is every single time she writes a 3, 5, 7, 9 they are backwards.  Even if there is a 7 printed just above where she is writing, and the bigger concern is she doesn’t see it.  If asked to correct it, she still misses it.  Math is her favorite subject and she has a good grasp on the concepts, so we need to get this addressed.  The teacher responded that if it were just this issue, we would wait it out, but combined with the reading issue, we should set up a meeting.  So, we meet next week.

Minnie adores school, she loves math and reading.  There are no questions that she is bright, so we simply must address these issues before school becomes a frustration.  I am debating a visual processing evaluation to see if that may be contributing to the issue, but I will wait until after I meet with her teacher next week.  I love her school and how quick her teacher was to jump on these concerns.  Hopefully we can help her sort this out so that she can continue on her path to Auburn Vet school – that is her dream and as long as it is, we will do our best to help her get there.


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