Minnie has just entered her 4th year of dance and this weekend we had Nutcracker auditions, for her 4th Nutcracker.  Mickey entered dance late last season.  He is somewhat awkward and has fine and gross motor skill delays, but he is loving dance.  This year he asked to take ballet so he could dance in Nutcracker as well.  Shock of all shocks, his ballet teacher sees talent in ballet.  He has also been moved to a more advanced hip hop class. He is stiff in both, but the ballet teacher says he has good lines and good feet.  Both kids are tall and lean, and Minnie is all legs.  Minnie takes dance for the performances, as she loves the stage, Mickey tolerates the stage but takes dance for the music and the classes.

Nutcracker cast lists were released yesterday.  Minnie moves up to drummer and cherub and Mickey is a soldier (the cannon soldier) and a squire.  Both kids are beyond excited and first rehearsal is this weekend. Every Saturday for the next three months, they along with about 100 other young dancers will be rehearsing this performance, and I am proud that they are both willing to do the work needed to make this production as wonderful as it has been in years past.


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