On this day four years ago, I met Minnie and Mickey for the first time.  I knew from that moment (actually I knew two weeks before) that they were to be my son and daughter.  Most people meet their children at birth, so it is strange to meet a little girl and a little boy that were strangers one day and my children the next.  They were charming, adorable and sweet and I was completely enthralled.  It was my 35th birthday and we were in a McDonald’s.  Mickey held my hand, Minnie was a little more reserved, but she charmed me with her love of all things pink and sparkly.  Mickey talked about his Spiderman obsession and though I could only understand about 1 out of every 4 words because of his speech delays, I saw the kindest heart and his infectious excitement.  Looking back, I had no idea how much my life would change.  4 years and a day ago, I was nervous and excited to embark on this journey, but I never knew that I could love anyone the way I did these two magical little people. So, today I celebrate – not only my birthday, but the most important day of my life.  Adoption day was the permanence, gotcha day was the day they moved in, but  the day I met my son and daughter for the first time?  That is the big one.


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