Day 2: Operation Grown Up

I think the novelty is wearing off for Mickey.  He did do his homework without prompting, but didn’t complete the social skills assignment.  He asked me to help him with it and give him a list of directions that he was to follow and then he was to rate how he did.  So, I gave him directions to do things we had already agreed were not negotiable – take a shower, brush your teeth and take your meds. After he procrastinated, argued and then did them, he came out of the shower and decided that he wasn’t going to fill out the sheet.  Why? I can’t answer.  I filled it out for him with a negative evaluation.  He did do part of the homework, but I doubt he gets any credit for it, but he did complete his math homework, so minor victory?

The biggest signs of the novelty wearing off were that he went to bed at 6pm.  Yes, boredom with no tv and electronics and nobody to play with were enough for him.  He was also not amused that I didn’t take him to dance last night.

The issue was this morning.  He woke up around 5am (and says he didn’t fall asleep until midnight and woke up at 1:00).  Neither of those is true because he was sound asleep when I checked on him at 7:30 when Minnie went to bed, and again at 10. He decided to wake us all up and then got the dog riled up too.  So, the day began in chaos.  He refused to get dressed for school, he pinched Minnie so hard that she bled and then he kicked me in the stomach, he wouldn’t stay on one of the other levels of the house, and then he kicked over a small toy box.  So, he lost the stuffed animal he had hoped to take to school.

As he was yelling at me, he informed me that this whole thing is stupid.  I didn’t understand what he wanted.  He just wanted to pack his own lunch, have no consequences and not have me show up to pick him up at school or daycare when he didn’t feel like leaving. Last night it was “I know you think I am going to give up on this, but I won’t”. This morning it was tears and “this isn’t what I wanted”.  Obviously, what he wanted isn’t going to happen – I don’t care if he packs his own lunch, but the other two are not going to happen. I think we are headed for a breakthrough over the long weekend.  I have been wrong before though.

So, Day 2 was another moderate success. Day 3 is feeling like a failure, but may ultimately prove to be a positive.  His teacher just emailed that he has been pretty good at school this morning, so he did get it together after having to nearly drag him onto the bus at 6:40 am this morning. But, he hasn’t earned enough “money” in his classroom currency account to buy Fun Friday, so this afternoon will probably suck. It doesn’t start until 1:00 though, so we shall see…


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