Day 3 & 4: Operation Grown Up, Frogs and Minnieisms

As suspected, the novelty is wearing off, but not without some hitches.  Mickey wants all the benefits, none of the responsibilities.  Today was not good.  Last night was ok, but today he just keeps trying to hang out and is determined to kiss up to me.  You know “wow, mommy you did great at that”, “show me again that awesome way you fold clothes” (really?), “can I help you do the laundry?” etc.

But when I reminded him of his end of the agreement, he yelled he kicked he stomped.  He snuck food upstairs, he argued. He really wants to go to Boy Scouts on Tuesday, so hopefully he will make the choices needed to earn back the privileges.

In the meantime Minnie provided these amusing tidbits:

Minnie: Mommy, when will I have a locker?

Me: Middle school, why?

Minnie: I really need a place to display all my crushes and it seems like a locker is where I am supposed to do that.

In reference to her new pet frog, she found him last week and  she loves him.  She kisses him morning and night, she catches live bugs to feed him and has named him Flippers.

Minnie: I know that your heart is huge

Me: Ok

Minnie: I just know that you will find a place in your huge heart to want to hug and kiss Flippers (I will not be kissing him)


And my favorite was when she came downstairs about two hours after she went to bed and said “Mommy, I woke up and just missed you.  It is a Friday, so no school tomorrow, so i just wanted to see if I could have some extra snuggles”.

She fell asleep in my lap on the couch and I enjoyed those snuggles.  There will be a day in the not so distant future, where I will be missing those extra snuggles – when she is too grown up to want them from me.  I fear those days.  Both Mickey and Minnie are exceptionally loving and snuggly children.  Even angry, Mickey never leaves without a kiss, he holds my hand in public – not like your average almost 10 year old.  In my mind, that is one of my favorite parts of Autism…he has no filter and expresses his joy and love without being encumbered by the social stigma boys his age seem to have.  Minnie thinks her mommy is the most beautiful woman in the world (I am not), Mickey thinks his Grandmother is the most beautiful and he tells her so regularly (Grandma loves this).  Minnie is aware of the norms and will pull away sooner than he will, and I will struggle with that. So, for now, I will take all the extra snuggles I can get.


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