Birthday week and psychiatrists

Tomorrow wraps up birthday week, which wraps up birthday month in our immediate family.  Minnie turned 8 on Sunday, my dad’s birthday was Tuesday and Mickey turns 10 tomorrow.  This follows my brother and I’s birthdays earlier this month (also 5 days apart).  My poor mother has been dealing with this issue for 39 years, but it was compounded with the addition of Mickey and Minnie to our family.  But, we have survived the week.  Both kids got/are getting digital cameras in preparation for our upcoming Disney trip and Disney Cruise, since I am the meanest mom ever and won’t buy them cell phones :-).

Minnie got a Cloud Pet from her grandparents – I am not advertising, nor am I being compensated, but this may be one of my favorite gifts ever.  If you have a child that you love that lives far away (or even two miles, such as in my parent’s case), this gift is really cool. Adorable stuffed animal about $40.  An app on parent’s phone and in our case, the grandparent’s phone.  Grandparent’s record a message, send to parent’s phone, my phone notifies me and i can send the message via bluetooth to the cloud pet.  Child can record message back and grandparent’s receive it in her voice.  Minnie says “it is like giving Grandma and Grandpa a hug every night before bed”.  Her’s is named Rosetta Corn (it is a unicorn).  Aunts/Uncles/Friends can be invited to send Minnie messages too.  Messages can be directed by the parent to multiple people (Minnie likes to say “Good night Grandma and Grandpa. I love you”) and I can send message to both of their phones.

20150921_085510Meet Rosetta Corn

Mickey has had a tough week.  He has been okay at home, excellent at daycare, but school has been tough.  It started when he got frustrated with an assignment.  It ended with him kicking the resource officer at school on Tuesday.  Then he didn’t cooperate in “the Happy Room” at school on Wednesday and refused to get off the bus this morning.  I was asked not to come bring him his special birthday lunch and cupcakes, as was planned today.  He got it together and will be back in the regular classroom for his birthday tomorrow, but the special lunch and cupcakes are off the table.  This will be the first time we haven’t done it.  Here is what I know now – it is time for med change.  Now that he is past the “I am grown” thing he had going on, this absolutely is continued escalation of small things.  Even when using coping skills, he is struggling to control it.  That is the tricky part of his behaviors – determining how much is intentional – as there is no med for compliance – and how much is him starting as defiant or frustrated and escalating because he can’t keep his cool.

We start with a new therapist in two weeks and finally, after weeks of trying, I have finally located a psychiatrist. We have an evaluation with her on Tuesday.  I am hopeful that a med adjustment will help him control it better.  The triggers are the same, the behaviors are just more extreme and the coping skills aren’t diffusing as they normally do.  We have not modified his meds in over a year, so it is probably time.  Hopefully a mild increase in milligrams rather than a complete change will do the trick, but it is hard to tell.


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