Pets, knees, dioramas and a better dance day

Mason, our charming dog took a run out the front door this evening while the kids were running in and out of the house while playing outside.  I have mentioned Mason before, but let me say he is not without his charms and his flaws.  He is a German Shepherd Dauchshund mix – which is an odd mix, to say the least.  He is terribly sweet, amazing with Mickey, Minnie’s favorite playmate, and super cuddly.  He is also virtually untrainable (we have done classes, hired experts, etc).  He doesn’t bark much or jump on people, he doesn’t bite or show any aggression – he just doesn’t listen.  He doesn’t come when called, unless he feels like it.  I have joked that he also has Mickey’s Oppositional Defiance Disorder.  That makes it more interesting on the rare occasion that the kids have let him get out.

10985541_10153132278085127_4013195025885951322_n This is the same look Mickey gives me when he is ignoring me

10375084_10152627963225127_5018587877346632527_nThis is the face we love

This was compounded by the fact that I spent the evening at an orthopedic urgent care last night.  A year and a half ago, I made a less than intelligent decision – at the dare of my dear Mickey – to jump in a foam pit.  I did rather extensive damage to my left knee and spent 6 weeks on crutches and six months in physical therapy. Since then, there have been periodic flare ups, but overall the knee has been fine.  On Monday I suffered a sharp pain and have spent the rest of the week suffering whatever that pain was.  My mother, not the most understated or subtle of people, not so gently persuaded me to go to the ortho clinic last night.  As suspected, there were problems – torn meniscus, several bone spurs, bone on bone and significant arthritis. I am back in a brace, still limping rather badly, starting PT again and got a cortisone shot last night.  We are hoping to avoid surgery, so chasing my adorable, but listening challenged dog down the street was pretty low on my list of things to do this evening.

This is Mickey’s diorama on the Creek Indians. He worked very hard on conceptualizing, preparing his oral presentation, designing the diorama, the houses, and dictating my construction.  He flat out told his teacher that for the most part I did as instructed.  I am not sure that is what the teacher had in mind, but I don’t know what else she expected.  At least he was honest.  I present his effort.  He didn’t care for several things, but I am not crafty, so after he dictated round houses after my perfectly lovely square houses were not to his satisfaction and he didn’t care for my thatched roofing not being at an angle, I gave up on trying to please and went for completion.


Last Saturday, Mickey had a meltdown at the dance studio during Nutcracker.  Monday he showed remarkable maturity for him when he talked to the studio owners to see if they would still allow him to participate in Nutcracker.  Today we attended ballet class and he asked if they had made their decision.  He was prepared for them to say no.  They didn’t.  He went to class and did amazing and then had his best and most attentive Nutcracker rehearsal ever.  I am relieved.  He would have been so disappointed.

Mickey’s behavior at school this week has been tough – the understatement of the week.  So we celebrated his birthday last night with a low key party with just the grandparents, Minnie and I.  This was not the plan we had, but we had to adjust, because while every child should celebrate their birthday, his behavior has not warranted a party this week.  The party was still thrilling for him – he would rather be with his grandparents than anyone else.  He got a digital camera and legos.  My brother is taking him shopping for new Vans, since has has declared Uncle the authority on cool shoes (I only buy him Converse lol).

So, I am limping, Mickey is in a better place, Minnie is curled up with her dog after his narrow escape and crying and explaining to him why he made a bad choice.  I am always grateful for the chaos that is my life – though after the last couple of weeks, I could use a small break.  Two weeks to Disney – assuming that I can walk it.  I think it will be a good trip for us.  We are planning to do the 4 parks in 1 day challenge, so that should be interesting.


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