I thought there was nothing to report

Mickey and I went to see the new psychiatrist, but there was a mix up.  Apparently the way the insurance company website had incorrect information and when I setup the appointment there was a miscommunication.  The psychiatrist was the correct psychiatrist, but this was the psychiatric hospital she has privileges at – which is why the assessment was a requirement.  They do not do outpatient psychiatric care other than as part of a partial hospitalization program. We don’t need that level of care, so we wasted an entire afternoon.  The assessment guy was able to get us an appointment with her on Monday and even told me that is the practice he takes his daughter to, so I am happy with the turnout.  I could have done without multiple hours in the car and sitting in the waiting room where there are signs warning you of the dangers of stuffed animals and purses…

I started this post this morning, and I had nothing other than the psychiatrist story to report.  But, I was wrong.  I am devastated this afternoon.  We have been through more day cares than I can count.  I am beyond frustrated at this point, but I can honestly say that in this case, it is all on Mickey.  This day care has gone way above and beyond what any other has and he has still managed to blow it.  Three weeks ago they instituted a behavioral plan for him to help with when he gets overwhelmed.  We knew that was a last ditch effort.  He is bored there because he is by far the oldest.  Most days are fine, but the bad days are bad.  He hasn’t hurt anyone, but he lately has been screaming, pushing furniture, etc. This is unfortunately scaring the younger kids.  He did it again today.  The teacher was trying to offer him coping skills and he was escalating.  I don’t know what to do now.  I have to work. My job is already pretty flexible, but two days a week, I have to be in the office which is 50 miles away.  In order to pick Mickey up from school, I would have to leave the office at 1:00, which is not reasonable.  I don’t know what to do, but I am absolutely heartbroken.  They haven’t kicked him out yet, but the teacher threatened to quit if he came back, so the writing is on the wall.  The director gave him a last chance, but the hostility from the teacher will no doubt cause an issue – as she said she didn’t want him there in front of him.  Months ago, she said he didn’t belong there and he has obsessed on it ever since, so this will be the end.

I guess I will figure something out, but I don’t know what.  I have exhausted any day care in the county that I can reasonably get to and still pick up Minnie on time.  I can’t afford the $15.00 – $20.00 an hour special needs sitters want on a daily basis.  Even if I only did it two days a week, I am looking at $45 – $60 a day (depending on traffic) and that is  double what I pay for after school program for Minnie – which doesn’t go away.  Plus, when Mickey is around, I am not productive at work, which means that I am not getting the work done that allows my job to be flexible on the other three days.  I can’t even think about what that means for summer care at this point. My parents are both still working, though my dad may be able to help out some, but Mickey’s school is 20+ minutes away and I can’t get bus transportation to their house, so my dad would have to drive over every day and that feels like too much.

Today I am just frustrated, sad and angry.  I know his meds are off, but he can control this – at least better than he has.  He is hurt by the teacher and he is showing her that.


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