Testing independence and Daddy

This blog focuses very heavily on Mickey, because he is my bigger challenge.  Minnie just goes along, perfectly average in school, well behaved (at least in public), with few outwardly visible issues resulting from her past.  So, while Mickey takes up a lot of energy, Minnie’s thought process and view of the world is fascinating to me too.  I will try and add more Minnie stories, like this gem:

Last night about 2 hours after she went to sleep, Minnie came downstairs and said “I have a feeling my Daddy is close by”

Me: Your birth dad?

Minnie: No – my new Daddy.  The guy you are going to marry.  He is close by right now.  Good night.


I am not seeing anyone, I can’t fathom a time when I have time to date, so I have no idea where that came from, but that she woke up from a dead sleep to come share that and was so sure?  I don’t know whether to be creeped out or amused, but I am going with amused.

Mickey’s last day at daycare ended up being Friday. The transportation change went through faster than we anticipated.  So, Mickey is really determined to stay home by himself for that hour two days a week.  He has requested that we test it each day for the last 3.  Yesterday he asked me to leave him while I took Minnie to dance.  That would be about an hour and 15 minutes.  Having a phone available has given him the confidence.  So, today will be the first attempt after school.  Grandpa is on standby to come if Mickey freaks out.  Mickey called me yesterday from school and said he is nervous about it, but then is adamant that he wants to do it.  So, we shall give it a try.  I am pretty anxious about it myself….

Keep him in your thoughts today, please.  This is a big step for him.  But when I came home from dance last night he was totally calm.  When we came home from errands on Saturday and Sunday testing him being alone, he was calm.  He called once Sunday because I said and hour and we were 4 minutes past that.  He called yesterday to verify that the class would end on time, but when I asked if he was nervous, he just said “No.  I just wondered if you could bring home ice cream and if you could setup the Amazon Fire stick remote app on the cell phone”. So apparently, he is okay.  Now, coming home to an empty house is  little different, but he seemed confident this morning.  His teacher expressed that he told her he is a bit nervous, but can handle it.  So, we shall see.


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