He did it and he did it well

Day one of Mickey’s attempt at being a latchkey kid was a success.  He talked to me on the phone my entire drive home, save the last 15 minutes.  He was calm, he followed directions – lock the door, stay inside, hang up backpack, call me as soon as you come in. This will only be two days a week, as I work from home the other three.  His teacher said his anxiety over it was relatively low and his bus driver said he was kind of excited.  He was in a great mood when he called me and just staying on the phone with him was enough. I am going to follow his lead.  I don’t know what we do on a day it is storming – he hates storms and imagines all kinds of tragedies (the house blows down in a tornado, I get into a horrific car accident, etc). I will either have to leave work earlier or send my dad over to meet the bus. I don’t know for sure that this is our long term plan, and one good day does not mean that it will be successful. But, maybe?  It feels insane and yet he says he would prefer it to trying to find the right sitter or another daycare option.  He says both of those are too stressful for him and he doesn’t find this stressful.  I do, but that is my problem.


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