Gotcha day

I wasn’t going to post from Disney, but half way through the day we realized it was Gotcha day. We don’t usually celebrate the day they moved in with me – we do it up for Adoption day instead. But, Mickey asked me a question on the way back to the hotel from the parks that I thought spoke volumes about how far he has come and how aware he is of that.

Momma, did you ever think four years ago that I would ever be able to go to Disney? Even once?

My answer was honestly no. It was his dream (and Minnie’s) but there is no way I could have imagined that he could have handled the most over stimulating place on earth. And he couldn’t have. No way. No how.

But this is our 5th trip in two years. He is a Disney rock star now. We may have to do things a little differently because of his Autism, but we did Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder railroad, Wishes and the Electrical parade last night, and we didn’t even get to Disney from Atlanta until 7pm. Today we did everything they wanted to do at Hollywood Studios and still managed to spend a fortune at Disney Springs and have lunch at an Irish pub that had both kids dancing on stage with the Irish Dancers.

20151011_142629 20151010_212617


I love being able to make that Disney dream come true for them both. This is their happy place and because of that, it is mine. It is my absolute pleasure to share their joy and triumphs and my heartbreak to share their dissapointments. Above all things it is amazing to watch them grow – both in ability and age.

Four short years. What a ride and I am glad we are celebrating with our little bit of Disney magic.


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