WDW – 4 park challenge

So we were challenged by a friend to attempt the 4 park challenge at Walt Disney World. That may sound insane. 4 theme parks, 1 day. Our objective was 3 rides or attractions, including at least one major ride in each park.

We did it. The kids did awesome. Mickey had a couple of moments – one at mid day and one as we were leaving park number 4, but he got it back together and was absolutely determined to do the challenge. Not too shabby for the kid with Autism who three years ago couldnt have stepped foot in a Disney park (or any theme park for that matter). We ate meals in two parks and snacks in the other two. Minnie fell asleep on two monorails, 1 ferry and 1 bus.

Here was a rough approximation of our day.

9:00: arrived at Magic Kingdom

Splash Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain railroad (we had a FP)

Sit down snack at Gaston ‘ s tavern

Buzz Lightyear (we had a FP)

11:50: Monorail to Epcot

1st hiccup – Mickey ‘ s favorite ride Test Track was down

Mickey bar break

Mission to Mars

Test Track (miraculously came back up exactly as we got off Mission to Mars. So we rode it twice in less than 15 minutes using single rider).

Fish and Chips in England for lunch

2:50 boarded ferry for Hollywood Studios

Single rider for Rockin’ Roller Coaster

Star Tours

Dinner break at the commissary

Muppets 3d

5:55 boarded a bus to Animal Kingdom

Expedition Everest (standby – single rider wasn’t available)

Triceratop Spin

Snack break


Finished at 8:02

Boarded bus back to our car at Magic Kingdom. Monorail to the ticket and transportation center and we were back at our car at 9:05 pm. Just a hair over 12 hours since we began. We had a blast. We are exhausted. Mickey is planning a character challenge for next time. Tomorrow morning we have a breakfast at Kona Cafe and will spend a little time with our friends before we drive back in the afternoon. Awesome memories were made and that is worth the aching knee and two kids who passed out the second they buckled into the car.



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