Minnieism of the day

While listening to a song about love…

Minnie: Momma, you need to fall in that.

Me: What?

Minnie: In love.  You need to fall in love.  As soon as possible.  I need a daddy

Me; Why is that exactly

Minnie: Because when we are at Disney and I am tired you can’t carry me for as long any more because I am getting too big. A daddy could.

I am not sure that is a good reason to get married, but Minnie knows what she wants – though a pack mule would serve that purpose too….. We are home. We are back at school and yesterday was wholly uneventful.  The kids are now counting down to our cruise with Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle.  Just about 5 weeks to go. Mickey has seemingly gotten over his cruise fear and is letting excitement take hold.  Have a great rest of the week everyone.


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