On the opposite end of the parenting spectrum…

I had a previously scheduled parent teacher conference with Minnie’s teacher.  There are some concerns with attention and short term memory.  Nothing to get crazy about, but the teacher said we should watch them.  It is perfectly lovely though to go into a meeting with no stress.  Academically she is struggling a bit with reading (fluency – her decoding is fine), but we put supports in place at the first of September for that.  Her teacher raved about how sweet and helpful she was.  She kept saying how determined she is to get something – she works hard and is an “absolute joy to have in class.”  I get the impression that she has enchanted her teacher and I get it.  Minnie is quirky and funny, she loves to help, takes her role as peacekeeper seriously, she always chooses the underdog to play with and it breaks her heart to see someone sad.

We will work on the other stuff.  I will try some essential oils to maybe help her focus.  Her teacher says she isn’t hyper, so we can try less distracted seating and other options before we go down the road to meds. It is funny because my mom mentioned that she was seeing the same thing. I haven’t seen it as much, but I think it is because of Mickey. When I compare (and I know I shouldn’t), Mickey’s ADHD is off the charts severe, so her attention challenges seem minor.  But, we want to be careful not to ignore it because it can make things so much harder for her than it needs to be.  Her course work is all over the place with grades.  It isn’t even subject specific, so we can’t necessarily attribute it to lack of understanding.  Inattention makes more sense.  She works hard, but perhaps harder than she has to because her ability to focus is compromised.  Her report card was all A’s and B’s, so this isn’t severe enough yet to truly worry about.  Just to monitor.

These are issues that are still relatively minor and I am glad they are coming up early, rather than later.  Our meeting was 20 minutes long.  Almost everything was positive.  I left there feeling secure that we are working towards good things and that ultimately, Minnie will be fine.  A far cry from 4+ hour IEP meetings where we have to delve into every aspect of Mickey’s day and every piece of his behavior.  There were no behavioral concerns at all, other than she can occasionally be a little too chatty with her friends.


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