Halloween and the aftermath

Halloween went off without a hitch.  We had a very busy day yesterday starting with dance class in costume.  If you haven’t seen Yoda dancing ballet you just haven’t lived.  They did a little Halloween number at the end of class.  Seeing Mickey dance as Yoda alongside Minnie as Elsa, a Minnie Mouse and another Elsa, was so much fun.

Minnie’s Elsa costume, that we purchased at Disney had a little mishap last weekend.  She attended a Halloween party at the neighbor’s house.  It was a costume party, but the mother of the party hostess, decided that it would be a good idea to have the kids paint pumpkins, in their costumes, with non-washable paint.  I spent the next three days trying to get black and gray glitter paint out of an Elsa dress. I mostly salvaged the dress, with a couple of areas on the mesh sleeves and disaster averted.

After dance we ran around searching for stuffed cats for my crazy cat lady costume.  We went to Nutcracker, we attended a local Halloween festival, where Mickey was absolutely shocked that his Yoda costume did not win first place.  We trick or treated and then went to a friend’s Halloween party. This party normally has several kids, but it didn’t this year.  Minnie fell asleep within an hour. Mickey got to practice his rock star tendencies by entertaining a captive audience of adults playing rock band.  He sang, he played guitar and drums.  He wowed them with his musical knowledge and the adults had a blast playing Rock Band with him.  He said it was the best night ever.

We followed that up with disrupted schedule today because of the time change combined with less sleep and too much candy that he sneaked.  Sugar makes Mickey angry and aggressive.  We limit his sugar consumption drastically for that reason.  He got up this morning and found his candy and ate a ton.  We then spent the next several hours battling a very very aggressive Mickey.  He screamed, he slammed his door repeatedly, he attacked Minnie and screamed in my ear.  He then took a nap and woke up back to his usual self.  I have never been a fan of Halloween (at least not since I was a little kid). I have locked the candy in the car to keep that from happening again. I so wish he could just have some of the candy and be good to go, but that is not our life.

So, the day was good, the aftermath – not so much. Candy is evil.  I will do my part by helping to consume the evil and take the rest to work.  I will pick out some of his favorites and dole it out in small doses for both kids (just out of fairness). I generally restrict Mickey’s sugar consumption to a treat before bedtime, because he doesn’t have time to get angry after eating it.  We generally restrict dyes too because some seem to trigger the same way as sugar.  Combine sugar and dye and we get what happened today. A small homemade cupcake isn’t as bad as a couple of jolly ranchers.  The upside is that the kids made bags of Grandma and Grandpa’s favorites for them.  They each also did up baggies of their teacher’s favorites to take to them.  They doled out their own candy to the trick or treaters that stopped by early before we headed out for the evening.

They are both really sweet kids, which is why mornings like we had always shock me.  The anger, the scared look in Minnie’s face when he lashes out on her, not thirty minutes after they had been playing together so nicely, all still shock me.  It isn’t my sweet boy. It is too rapid for coping skills and it is too volatile to accurately explain.  It lasted a while, though most of that was in his room with a lot of stomping going on.  He is only about 4.5 inches shorter than I am now, and these incidents scare me for the time when I can’t physically pull him off of her, as I had to today. She is fine, by the way.  While he gets very angry and can hurt someone, he is so out of control that when he is hitting someone he is not focused and his punches missed and hit the chair more than her.

I hope your Halloween was good.  My mom and I were commenting this morning about how exciting it was that Mickey’s behavior had turned around and he was able to enjoy the day so much.  Two out of the four years I have had him, he has not been able to trick or treat because of horrid behavior the weeks leading up to Halloween.  This year was the opposite.  We saw a rough start to the fall, but October has been heading in a very positive direction.  I hope it holds through November and our Disney Cruise later this month. I am blaming this morning on the sugar, and we are going to keep fingers crossed that we continue to see progress.


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