Quiet weeks and rain

The kids are driving me up a wall – 10 consecutive days of rain will do that. Today is the first sign of sunshine, though everything is still soggy, I am grateful to see that giant orb of orange-yellow in the sky.  My home is being appraised next week for a refinance, so we have a ton of work to do over the next several days – along with packing, finishing Disney shirts for our cruise, a giant social studies project, yard work (gutter cleaning, bush trimming etc).  And a basement de-flooding – oh yeah, that happened too.  October was a very soggy month.  November hasn’t had a dry day until today.  My basement has been waterproofed – twice.  And yet, Dehumidifiers and fans have been running steadily in the basement since Sunday to dry up the inch or so of water that accumulated down there (and that is with a sump pump).

Special needs executive meeting for our school board has been called for this week, and I was invited (though I have no idea why). Release weekend at work, means I am slammed there too. My brother’s best friend since childhood is getting married Saturday, so I get a grown up night out.  Nutcracker, boy scouts, girl scouts and dance classes are chugging along.  Minnie’s grades are improving, Mickey’s behavior has been pretty good, so I don’t have anything terribly exciting or interesting to report.  Just living and all the fun stuff that comes with it.  We leave on vacation in 11 days and I am overwhelmed with my to-do list.  If anything exciting comes up, I will update you, but otherwise it may be quiet around here for the next two weeks or so.


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