Just when I thought the week would be quiet, I get this phone call.

Phone call from Mickey: Mom, you know my thanksgiving feast tomorrow?
Me: yes, what about it?
Mickey: I need you to look presentable.
Me: excuse me?
Mickey: you know, a fancy shirt and makeup and stuff. Presentable and pretty.
Me: uhmmm….as opposed to?
Mickey: you know – regular you.
Kids will keep you humble lol

Since you guys don’t know me, I feel it necessary to say that I have never gone to his school in my standard weekend uniform of fleece, ponytails and hoodies – I don’t even go to the grocery store like that, unless the circumstances are dire. I asked him what he wanted me to wear and he suggested jeans and shirt I would wear to work or a Disney shirt (?).  No ponytail and “all the makeup”.  I choose to assume he means eyeliner and stuff and not that I need all the makeup I have to be presentable.

I am laughing too hard to be offended.  Minnie told me I was beautiful in my fleece and ponytail, so at least I have her to counter his brutal honesty. Parenting is fun and sometimes tough on the ego 🙂


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