Awesome news

So, yesterday was just amazing on several levels.  I don’t talk much about my job, but I love what I do and I love the company I do it for.  I started with them the first time, when I was 20 years old – in 1997.  I began my career there as an admin assistant and swiftly moved to doing data reporting.  When I decided to start college at 24, I talked to them about moving into the Information Technology department and they gave me an entry level programming position and taught me on the job.  When I discovered that programming wasn’t my passion, but software testing was, they let me make that move.  The company isn’t flawless – I have been outsourced once, I left once in frustration over salary, was brought back as a contractor for 5 years and left again when they cut contractors.  Almost 3 years ago though, contracting had become scary as a single parent with two kids and they called and offered me a full time position with the opportunity to eventually work from home 3 days a week.  I jumped at it.  So, I have spent 16 of the last 18 years with this company in one form or another.  Yesterday, they called me (while working from home) and offered me the opportunity to work from home full time.  I enthusiastically accepted.

This opens many options that were off the table for Mickey regarding his education.  See, my commute is 50 miles each way and they had modified their work from home policy to two days a week, so that means about 12 hours a week in the car.  That also means that private school was not an option because I couldn’t do transportation on my office days. This also saves me a ton of money in the summer for daycare and eliminates the distress I had over what to do with Mickey. It eliminates the need for after school program for Minnie too, thus freeing up another couple hundred bucks a month – not to mention gas, work clothes, etc.  I will have to go in to the office once a quarter or so, for meetings, but I am very excited to begin my full time work from home career on Monday!

My dad was released from the hospital yesterday too.  We still don’t have the answers we would like, but he is doing better but will likely face a surgery in the next couple of weeks.  My brother’s dialysis is finally starting to help and he feels better.

And my mom called and apologized for what she had said about Mickey on the cruise.  She was frustrated, she was annoyed with him and she told me that she hadn’t realized how hard it was to live with his behaviors day in and day out.  She said she really does believe college and band and all of those things are doable, she just hadn’t realized how hard it can be to get him through a day when he isn’t at his best (out of routine/new place, etc).  I don’t think it is hard – it just is, but I forget that I once cried every night for six months with exhaustion from dealing with the extreme behaviors. Today is a piece of cake compared to that, so it is just automatic and nothing special. But, when you don’t live with it every day, it may seem far more difficult than it is – especially when your expectations are something different.  My mother has probably not spent more than 14 hours or so with him at once – and 9 of those he was asleep, prior to the cruise.  We have gone to a funeral but we rode separately and stayed in different rooms, etc.  This was a lot.

This does concern me if something happens to me.  As it is setup today, my parents would take the children.  I do not know that my mom is equipped to deal with Mickey.  But, in reality, neither was I.  She would figure it out, much as I did.  She loves him and Minnie, of this I am positive, but the gut wrenching discussion last week is a little less gut wrenching with the apology and the knowledge that while she said stuff she shouldn’t have, she does still have hope for her grandson.  I don’t know that I am over it, but I am relieved to know that in a moment of rationality and calm, she sees the work he has done, she knows that I do everything in my power to help him, and she sees potential for his future.  She was ecstatic over the private school options that opened up with the work from home change and she even offered financial support, if we need it to make it happen.

So, my supportive mother is back, my dad is out of the hospital, my brother is better, Mickey no longer has to stay home by himself after school, summer daycare issues are resolved and I keep my awesome job with the awesome company that I love.  We are going to start this weekend that is slammed with Christmas pictures, helping my parents with their Christmas stuff, and Nutcracker dress rehearsals on a good note.  Be ready for pictures in the next post – hopefully Mickey continues his almost entirely successful Nutcracker experience when we get to the stage and in costumes – tomorrow will be a good indicator of how next week will go for the three performances. Have a great weekend everyone.


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