Nutcracker dress rehearsal

Minnie and Mickey did great.  Both are anxiously awaiting their performances next week.  This is Minnie’s fourth year performing, so it is relatively old hat for her.  Mickey was my concern and he did really well.  A bit of a fit when snack time came and went (they can’t eat in costume), but it was easily diffused and he completed the entire 4 hour dress rehearsal – that is a good sign for next weekend.  He also says he can’t wait to do it next year.

Here are a few pics and the last one is of the shelf of Nutcrackers that is awaiting their new ones.  The tradition started with Minnie’s first performance and we got her a Nutcracker.  We write the year and the roles for that year on the bottom.  Mickey is excited to get his first one.  Mickey is the cannon soldier with the plunger and the squire in the turquoise vest with the trumpet.  Minnie is the drummer in blue pants and red top in the front and the cherub front and center. In the picture in the gray shirts (finale rehearsal) Minnie is just in front of Mickey and they are both giggling because her skirt is so big it is in his lap.

Family pictures tomorrow morning and then Santa visit tomorrow afternoon. I have to get those Christmas cards ordered – I wouldn’t want to procrastinate 🙂


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