Sometimes you just have to laugh

This week has been pretty quiet.  We are gearing up for Nutcracker performance weekend.  First show is at 2:00 tomorrow. As a side note, sorry for all the Nutcracker talk – it is rather all encompassing for us. This is a huge deal for Mickey and Minnie too, for different reasons.  Nearly five months of weekly rehearsals and a lot of excitement and anxiety (that is only for Mickey – Minnie lives to be on stage).  All of this is big.  Mickey is already prepping for next year – he warned the older boy that he has an eye on his roles lol.

Today though, Mickey had a rough afternoon on the bus.  Nothing critical – just singing loudly and putting his feet in the seat, but his driver was annoyed….here is a snippit of the conversation:

Driver: Tell your mom what happened today?

Mickey: Great Balls of Fire is not a quiet song.  I like to sing and it isn’t a song you can sing quietly…

Driver: I didn’t ask you to stop singing – I just asked you to sing quieter

Mickey: **with a large huff** you just don’t understand. It is Jerry Lee Lewis and GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!!

Driver: I don’t understand why you don’t follow directions

Mickey: UGh, we have gone through this – my birth parents used drugs and alcohol.  I have Autism.  I can’t follow directions.   **and he turned and walked away.

Now, obviously he is capable of following directions.  His loud singing is a regular complaint, etc.  But, I laughed (not in front of Mickey), but I was kind of tickled by the whole thought process. I talked to Mickey about behavior and that he can’t use his birth parents or his Autism as an excuse to not follow directions, but I still think the whole exchange was funny.

Then we got inside and I was hit with this:

Mickey: Did you know that Coat of Many Colors was on tv last night?

Me:  I heard that it was

Mickey: UHHMMM, you know I love Dolly Parton and that is my favorite song, right?

Me: yes

Mickey: So, have you checked Hulu? I am going to need to see that. Did you think you could keep it a secret (I had hoped).

So we had a quiet Friday watching Coat of Many Colors because my delightfully quirky 10 year old adores Dolly Parton.  My life is just strange sometimes….and don’t get me started when Dolly introduced the movie from Dollywood, which Mickey didn’t know existed, and he is now absolutely convinced that Tennessee is the best state in the U.S.  In his words “Let me get this straight – Tennessee has Graceland, Nashville, a Johnny Cash museum and Dolly Parton’s theme park – and we only live one state away!!”

I am highly amused by my kids on a fairly regular basis….I love both of their quirks.  Have a good weekend – I will post a final Nutcracker update after we get through the three performances.  This will be a trying weekend for Mickey and my fingers are crossed that he handles it as well as he thinks he will.


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