New rooms and holiday exhaustion

Mickey has decided he hates his bed.  This wouldn’t be an issue except Mickey can’t focus on anything else.  This started on Friday, but to be honest, he has hated the bed since we switched it out just before Christmas last year.  The slats will not stay put, even when properly attaching them, the mattress is not like his old one, the headboard was too low and things fell, etc.  We redid his room last year because he had outgrown his loft bed with slide and play fort underneath.  I moved him to a basic trundle bed and have regretted it ever since.

Minnie has a beautiful Cinderella carriage bed, but she has decided that she has outgrown it to.  So, Mickey disassembled both beds Friday night.  He formulated a plan and started it – without permission.  So, when I am unbelievably busy with work, Christmas, shopping, wrapping, I now have two bedrooms completely torn apart.  I had told him we would deal with it after the holidays, but his fixation would not be pacified.

So, the new plan looks like this:  When I was doing the home study part of the adoption, I had to set up kids rooms.  But, I had no idea what age or sex or even whether there would be one child or three.  So, I bought a lovely espresso sleigh bed for one room and a very large staircase style bunk bed with a full/twin setup for the other.  This was in our old house.  Initially Minnie got the sleigh bed and Mickey the bunks, but within a short period of time we realized that Minnie needed the bigger room and Mickey didn’t care about stuff, so he was perfectly content (and it was easier to keep him safe) in the smaller room.  So, we swapped rooms and I found Mickey the slide bed, because he was too hard on furniture and I didn’t want the sleigh bed ruined.

Now Minnie will take the sleigh bed and Mickey wants the bunks.  I don’t know how I am going to haul that monstrosity out of our basement storage, but that is the plan.  For now we will just move the matching dresser and the top bunk upstairs.  The full sized mattress needs to be replaced, so there is no huge hurry other than Mickey’s fixation.  Minnie will take Mickey’s old dresser (which I have to refinish), some new shelving (already moved in), new nightstands (re purposed from another room) and some serious organization.  Until I can get all of this done, I have Mickey on a mattress in his room and Minnie in my room.  I am overwhelmed, but I am also hopeful that we can end the year of complaining and maybe help both kids get better organized.  Their rooms are a nightmare.

Schools out for two weeks, which means I have two weeks of 24/7 togetherness and a dozen Amazon and Target packages showing up each day which I get to try to subtly accept and stash.  Then I am ferociously wrapping after bed and hiding.  We have baked cookies, visited with friends, family, Christmas light toured, saw Santa on a fire truck, shopped and shopped some more, wrapped, and dealt with the theft of my debit card.  I have two more things to find for my mom.  I will be Amazoning, because the thought of shopping any more in a store makes me nauseated.

It has been a long rough 7 days, but Christmas is coming quickly.  The bank is working on getting my account back in order and I have a new card.  Minnie has a play date this afternoon. Mickey is working on taking the top bunk apart.  This week will have us visiting with the kids’ foster mom and a million holiday traditions.  It will be interesting.

Oh yeah, and I met a guy and went on a date.  I don’t want to discuss how long it has been since I have been on a date.  I was honest about Mickey and our life.  That usually eliminates a second date, but I don’t see the point in wasting my limited time with someone who is going to run screaming for the hills after he gets a glimpse at our life.  So, I was honest and he called back anyway.  I am confused and maybe even optimistic.  He also understands that he won’t be meeting the kids anytime soon, nor will I meet his.   I had to add a tag for dating because it has been so far off my radar, I really haven’t considered it in a long time :-).

Merry (almost) Christmas.  Last minute chaos is in full swing over here.  I hope you are all more relaxed and less stressed than I feel right now.


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