13 days down – 4 to go, Christmas and New Years Eve

So, we are flooding here in Georgia right now.  My basement filled with water Christmas day – a foot of water.  The kids have been home for 13 days and the weather hasn’t been cooperating with planned zoo trips and playing outside.  They haven’t killed each other yet, but it seems like that may be any minute now lol.  Four more days until they go back to school…not that I am counting.

We survived Christmas.  The week leading up to it was tough for Mickey – it always is…adjusting to the lack of routine, combined with excitement of the upcoming holiday.  He lost some gifts before the day even got here, but Christmas eve and day were awesome. Christmas eve we did our traditions – we fed reindeer, looked at Christmas lights, baked cookies for the jolly fat elf. For the first time excitement got the best of Minnie and she couldn’t sleep and consequently kept waking Mickey up.  Santa came and delivered fun and noisy stuff like guitars for both kids and a karaoke machine for Mickey (because he needs amplification).  Minnie got her much requested American girl doll from Grandma.  Fedex caused some stress by losing the karaoke machine (his big gift from Santa) and the laptop I got the kids as their big present.  Target came to the rescue and I was able to replace both on Christmas eve.  We spent the day with my parents and my brother after opening our gifts at home and it was pretty close to perfect.

As we have arrived at the last day of 2015, I always go through and do a brief(ish) summary on our year.  Here it is: How to sum up 2015? The year of the rain and the road trip. 5 trips to the Disney World, one Disney cruise, 3 trips to Indiana. We had some big accomplishments too – both kids joined scouts, Mickey danced his first recital and his first Nutcracker, Minnie her 4th, 2nd and 4th grade were begun, we went to zoos, adopted some orangutans, fostered some kitties, Mickey discovered Johnny Cash and Star Wars, Minnie rescued frogs and worms and donated a foot of hair, we celebrated our 3rd adoption day, Mason and Sherbert made us laugh and we did a Disney 4 park challenge. We have had some tough times too – I lost my beloved grandpa, there were some health concerns in the family and we are heading into 2016 with some of those concerns. But, we survived it, we laughed, we cried, we found a great therapist and a new psychiatrist that we like (no small task), we learned and loved and we had no major behavior regression that required significant interventions (that was a first for us). So, bring it on 2016. I have high hopes for the year and a lot of prayers for the health of my family.


My hopes for 2016 for us include finding out for sure that I will be able to donate the kidney that my brother needs so that we can get him back to a place of health.  I hope that Mickey continues to progress and we get further away from the rages that we are still seeing (though they are short and certainly not what they once were).  I hope that we can find him a school setting that offers him some options.  I hope that we can continue to see Minnie progress academically, because we think we have made some progress with her reading.

And for all of you, I wish you a safe, healthy and happy New Years!  May 2016 bring you joy, progress and great health.  We will be celebrating in our traditional manner tonight – Mexican dinner out with my two favorite dates, one last trip through our favorite Christmas lights, kids in bed by 8 and then I will wake them 5 minutes before midnight and they will have a glass of sparkling cider (champagne for mommy) blow some noise makers and be back in bed by 12:15.  And I will go to bed grateful for another year.


2 thoughts on “13 days down – 4 to go, Christmas and New Years Eve

    1. I couldn’t agree more! This is how I know home schooling would never be an option for me – 24/7 togetherness is too much for all three of us. I love spending time with them but we are all on each other’s nerves by day 11 or so. 🙂

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