Random thoughts on 2016 so far

Happy New Year.  We rang it in as is our tradition.  Dinner out, one last drive through our favorite Christmas lights, noisemakers, champagne and sparkling cider.  Mason and Sherbert were thrilled.

We are 3 days into the new year.  My children had a good day today and so did I.  But, we have already headed to urgent care (Mickey), have a bruised tailbone (Minnie), spent the day in our crate because we chose to pee in the house (Mason) and broke the best cellphone I have ever had (me).  The dryer isn’t working either, but I think that is a residual of the flooded basement.  I took apart the casing to dry it out, hoping that would resolve that issue.

The cellphone thing is upsetting because I am a reformed early adopter of technology, but this phone has kept me happy for 22 months.  I had no desire to get a new phone but I can’t justify replacing a shattered screen rather than just buying a new phone, because it is 2 years old. I am going to try to live with the cracks for 8 weeks, because I really want to hold out until the two year mark.  Luckily the phone still works, but my beautiful screen makes me sad.

Mickey is fine – some inflammation in the stomach caused by a virus.  Pain level was an 8 yesterday, but was down to a 2 today. Minnie is okay as long as she isn’t sitting or touching her toes.  Mason…well, he is lying here next to me and shows no signs of remorse.  Sherbert is busy being Sherbert – running the house and having the others that live here do her bidding.  She has been wholly successful – she has also comforted both kids, in a rare show of absolute sweetness. Yesterday Minnie begged me not to take the tree down because she wanted to sleep under it.  She has been in pain for 3 days and I didn’t have the heart to say no. I took it down today – or at least got it undecorated.


Mickey went out to play and brought home a 4/5′ tall animated Santa that somebody was throwing out.  He also negotiated a deal to get a brand new trampoline for a pretty great price.  Minnie parked her horse next to a car on the street and I laughed hysterically when I walked out to find this very odd picture.

Puberty has become a fascinating subject for my children.  Just a snipit of a conversation on New Year’s eve

Minnie: Mom, this is awkward, but when will I grow boobies.

Me: Well, when you get to puberty

Minnie: And that is when Mickey will get hair and giant nibbles?

Me: Uhmm, why do you think there are giant nipples?

Minnie: Well, Elvis had giant nibbles. So, when will I get this puberty thing?

Mickey: You know you will get hair too?

Minnie: Yep, but I will shave mine – you have to leave yours.

Fits of giggles by both children.  I answered the questions and we talked about some of the finer points, but I am cracking up over Elvis’ giant nibbles.  I will close with that 🙂


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