Zoo Day

We went to the zoo and it was fun. Both Mickey and D (according to her mom) were up early and ready to go. They met us at the dance studio after class, which Mickey had to miss this morning because his excitement got the best of him and he had a minor meltdown before we left. His desire to make the day perfect for D (lunches/cleaning out the car/what outfit he wanted to wear) kept him from being able to get out the door without screaming at me. So, I dropped Minnie off and got Mickey back under control.

In all truth the day was too much for him. He wanted time with D to himself and was mad that Minnie was around. He also got upset when I wouldn’t buy D a stuffed animal from him and an ice cream for everyone. Her mother didn’t want me to and I was respecting her wishes, but Mickey wanted to give her the world. He still had fun, but we had far more than our normal anxiousness going on.

But we toured the whole zoo. The kids had a blast and D’s mom kept thanking me for making the day possible for them. I am glad we did it, I just wish Mickey could have relaxed a bit more and enjoyed himself.

He did tell D they needed some alone time and the two of them walked together for a bit. He also informed her mother that when he grows up and becomes an Elvis impersonator, he will be moving to Vegas “because that is where the big money is” and he will be able to take good care of D. That was kind of adorable.


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