Here is the plan

A follow up to the post yesterday….

We are going to try this and see how it works.  We have had mixed success with token systems at home for years, but school successfully does it for Mickey, so I thought we would give it a shot.

The plan looks like this:

You can earn points for doing chores, a kindness for others, good behavior reports from school, putting away shoes and backpacks, following directions.  They lose points for Rudeness (to me or each other), fighting with each other, throwing trash or papers on the ground (our home is Mickey’s personal trash can, he thinks), asking for something over and over again, temper tantrums (that one is for Minnie), I.I. at school (equivalent to a principal’s office referral), defiance, aggressiveness, leaving bikes and scooters in the yard, destruction of property (throwing, breaking or kicking my car seats).

All privileges must be purchased – screen time, dinners out, play time outside, Disney.  I will calculate the points daily and they can see their progress. Disney will cost them 300 points each, so they are going to have to bust their tails with the chore list in order to earn that back in the next 10 days.

Day one results were mixed.  Minnie liked the idea and embraced it, earning herself 44 points.  Mickey was blah about it and finished the day with 5 points. He didn’t seem to care very much one way or the other, but it kept the debates and arguments down.  So, win win.  I doubt very much that Mickey is going to come around and get the 300 points needed, but Minnie has already clarified that if she helps him do his room that he gets the points, so she is prepared to “encourage” him.  If that results in team work, even better.  If not, she will resent him more.  I am not sure that is a good thing, but as I mentioned yesterday – I am desperate to make the insanity stop.

Minnie – Day one

Mickey point chart

Mickey Day one

Minnie chore chart

Fingers crossed.  Their lists are slightly different, but only because Minnie doesn’t get behavior reports – unless there is something bad. Those types of minor differences are reflected, but the lists are virtually the same and the chore list contains cleaning, putting away clothes, loading the dishwasher, etc.  Minnie cleaned an entire bathroom tonight – including shower. While Mickey’s day wasn’t as good points wise, he only asked again for something he didn’t like the answer to one time.  Folks, that is a miracle.  We just began this after school, so we will see how tomorrow goes. Quietest night here in two weeks. No tears, no yelling and no backtalk. I am going to have some celebratory wine this time 🙂


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