Our token economy – update

Well, our token economy is brilliant.  Seriously, I feel like I may have unlocked the key to my sanity.  The results haven’t been flawless – both kids had a bit of a rough evening last night and opted to go to bed at 6:51 to keep from losing any more points.  There are a few things that have been amazing:

  1. I offered 10 bonus points for a peaceful trip to the grocery store.  We had the best trip to the store we have EVER had.
  2. I haven’t yelled or raised my voice in 5 days – I just say and that will cost you points or even better, just get the paper and do a tally mark.
  3. The children are making a conscious effort to use manners, do acts of kindness, help each other and do chores.
  4. They are also more aware of their negative behaviors and neither has laid a hand on the other in five days.

I said before, I don’t know if it will last, but I am very pleased with how the last five days have gone.  They are working on their 300 point each goal for Disney in 6 days.  Minnie is at 161 points.  Mickey is trailing with 76 points, but he has 3 big ticket chores almost completed that should push him over the half way point tomorrow.

behavior chart



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