Points acquired

Our point system is working beautifully.  The 10 days since we began haven’t been flawless, by any means.  But, the kids have both embraced the plan and the system.  It is utterly amazing how much it has made them aware of their actions.  Mickey uttered yes ma’am, please or thank you 18 times yesterday – without prompting.  He only lost two points for asking for something after an answer had already been given (normally that is done more like 20 times). They are being kind to one another and helping one another.  Not that there aren’t still spats, but much improved.  Minnie helped Mike with some chores to get to his points goal for Disney.

Minnie met her goal of 300 points by Wednesday morning.  Mickey by 5:00 last night.  Both immediately cashed out their points for their trip.  Minnie also bought 30 minutes of t.v. time and Mickey even had enough to buy desert after dinner last night.

So, we are Disney bound this afternoon.  The point system is traveling with us.  I found a free tally app and we will simplify just positive or negative tally’s for the parks, so I don’t have to carry their charts around.  I may have to develop an app for this.  I found some behavior system apps, but I didn’t find one that had everything I wanted or needed.

Valentine’s parties are today.  Mickey picked out a teddy bear that says I love you for his girlfriend.  Minnie chose these artistic adorable little decorate your own cards and individually wrote notes including what she likes most about of each of her classmates.  I am not particularly crazy about this holiday, but these two love it.


I always say I won’t post from Disney, but my kids go to bed early and I am bored in a hotel room, so we shall see.  If I don’t, I wish you the happiest of Valentine’s day.



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