And just when you think…

…things are normal – that we have escaped the bad behavior that plagued us a few weeks ago, SMACK – think again.

Thursday and Friday we had construction workers in the house tearing out the basement in preparation for the drainage system that is to be installed.  Mickey found this process endlessly fascinating.  He was emailing me from school on Thursday to get updates, but apparently woke up Friday morning with a plan to be here at home for the last day of demolition.  It began with “Mom, I am shaky”, progressed to “I don’t feel so good”, then as the bus was coming “I am not going to school”.  I informed him that it wasn’t optional, and he was determined to prove me wrong.

For the record, I hear all of these complaints on a regular basis (3xs a week or so) and he hates the bus, so while he was complaining and attempting to stay home, that isn’t even remotely uncommon.  So, I sent him on his way down the driveway, but when he stomped onto the bus, I knew this wasn’t his typical whining.  I tried to get him off the bus, as did his driver.  I am not permitted to physically remove him from the bus (driver’s rules, not the school’s) and the driver won’t lay hands on him, so when Mickey refused to get off, the driver took off with him.  I knew then that this wasn’t going to end well…

And it didn’t.  His bus picks up at 6:40 am and by 7:15 (before school even starts) the principal called to inform me that Mickey had been suspended.  He kicked the windows on the bus breaking the alarm system.  Upon arrival to school he was removed from the bus and taken inside, but he didn’t want to talk about anything but going home.  So, he turned over a table and tried to push a computer off of another.  His teacher, who is good with him, wasn’t there yet and they made the call to send him home.

To be 100% clear – he deserved to be suspended – no question about that. The issue is that sending him home was what he wanted.  The day was tough on Friday – trying to keep him from hanging out with the workers was beyond challenging.  It was a long weekend here too, as we worked to show him the consequences of the choices that he made. The fact that he was “rewarded” with being sent home will likely cause us issues in the future – no matter how much I try to make the day miserable, he would rather be here than school.  That is an ongoing challenge as his dislike for school continues to grow. His feelings on the bus border on hatred and that has been an increasing problem as well.

So, I don’t have any good news on behavior for the last couple of days.  The school hasn’t contacted me today, so that is likely an indicator that the day went ok.  The workers are gone from the basement, so we won’t see that issue until they come back to do the drainage system, but I am a little beyond my whits end.


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