Two steps foward – one step back

Sorry for the radio silence – it has been a bit of a rough patch. And for a refreshing change, it wasn’t Mickey…or even Minnie. Our house was broken into on St. Patrick’s day while we were out to dinner.  The good (?) news is that it was a child and not a thief – nothing was taken.  The bad news is that they were targeting Minnie and it was likely a neighborhood kid who knew when we left.  There was a note directed at her on her bed – along with the lamp that they broke and the kitty box they dumped onto it and a trashed room and let the beloved cat out (we found her three hours later).  The worse news is that this person killed Mickey’s fish – like dumped the bowl on the floor and then put the bowl on a table – leaving the fish on the ground.

This would be upsetting for anyone – to have your home violated and to have your beautiful sweet little girl – who would never hurt a fly – targeted.  I obviously called the police – the child got the back gate unlatched and came in through the back door.  I also spoke to her teacher and bus driver to see if there were any issues with anyone that I should know about and both gave me the same response: “Minnie? No way.  Everybody loves Minnie.  She is friends with everyone”.  So, I am perplexed. But, the one who is the most upset is Mickey, though Minnie isn’t taking it well either.

This kid has messed with their security, their safety in their own home and has gotten away with it, because the police haven’t been able to gather any helpful information. I have a suspicion on who it is and why, but I have no way to prove it, but if I am correct, it was an unrequited crush that spurred this on and he does indeed live down the street. Neither child has had a peaceful full nights sleep since it happened.  That means neither has mommy.  We have replaced Mickey’s fish (Mickey) with a new baby girl beta named? Minnie of course.

The best news is that while this could have completely derailed the precarious relief we were feeling after the suspension incident, Mickey hasn’t let it.  He has had two good weeks at school (one of which was post break in).  The weekend was tough as Mickey obsessed on finding “the robber” and wanting to interview every single neighbor and ask them if their child “was the kind of person who would murder a loved pet”.  But, we talked a lot and he is moving on – at least during waking hours.  So, rather than our usual one step forward, two steps back, we get to reverse that this week.  I expected this to throw him off completely and it hasn’t.  Minnie is most heartbroken that someone would say something mean to her and try to get her attention by killing a fish (not the way to win the heart of a die hard animal lover, btw).  I have padlocked the back gate, which should cut off access (and for the record, he had apparently attempted this 3 times before because I found the gate open randomly, but this was the first time he had gotten in the house).

Scary.  As an FYI, we live in the top two safest cities in our state – I don’t fear this kid and I feel perfectly safe if more that a bit angry that he would shatter the security of my children. I do fear that the kid was malicious enough to purposely kill a fish and destroy a room and if it is who I think, lives 3 doors down and regularly plays with both of my children.  It strikes me as unstable and perhaps he isn’t all that well supervised which makes me nervous when all the neighborhood kids are together, but I don’t think he will be back….or at least I hope not.

Happy Easter weekend.  I will post some pics when it is all said and done…we have egg hunts and birthday parties and activities planned all weekend long.  Maybe if I wear them out, they will get a good nights sleep….


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