Disney and Mickey is struggling

Mickey is having a hard time this trip. The crowds are pretty good, it is warm but not roasting hot and we have meds, but still between having a blast, we have had some tough moments of emotional outbursts. Still, I am hoping it is that the meds are not fully back to therapeutic levels. He has also shot up almost two inches in the last 6 weeks, so his dosage may be off – he has been on the same dosage for over a year and we may need a minor adjustment.

To be honest, As much as he loves Disney, it is always more than a little challenge to keep him regulated – it is one of the most overly stimulating places on earth – crowds, heat, lines and just basic stimulation is tough for anyone – even Minnie gets tired and cranky. But for Mickey that is amplified. So, why do we do it? Why do I subject myself to all the things I hate (crowds, heat, people who do not grasp the concept of personal space)? Why do I take my son on the spectrum and my daughter who is endlessly fascinated by everything that drives him nuts? Why do we disrupts bedtime routines and push ourselves beyond what is probably smart? Why do we do it 5 or more times a year? This. This is why.

And it is worth it. The smiles, the rides, the traditions, Dole Whips, the planning, the expense and the utter joy sprinkled between the tough moments are making a lifetime of memories. The cool people from England we met at the pool last night and the fun family from NJ we hung out with tonight. The friends that live here now that we are seeing tomorrow. So much fun, so much to look forward to and enjoy make it worth the tough moments. So, goodnight from the happiest place on earth. Have a magical night (and yes, my eyes rolled just a bit when I typed that, because while I love Disney, it is almost too sugary sweet for me) 🙂


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