Adoption Day 2016

I have been very slack in writing.  The last six weeks have been insane – in good ways and in not so good ways.  Today is adoption day – the 4th anniversary of our finalization.  We have spent the day with family and celebrated the brilliant addition that Minnie and Mickey are to our family.  Adoption day is a big deal around here – on par with a birthday.  This is the day I became we.  I went to my room last night and found both kids and a note asking if they could sleep in my room.  So, even though sleeping with Mickey is like sleeping with a jumping bean and Minnie is like adding a new appendage, we snuggled together and woke up and started adoption day on that note.  While things aren’t always easy, I won’t take for granted my beautiful kids.  I am grateful – on this day and every other – that I get to be their mom.  Happy adoption day, Minnie and Mickey! I can’t imagine my life without you – nor do I want to.

adoption day 2016

To sum up the last six weeks:

Yesterday were spring recitals.  Minnie did awesome in her hip hop, contemporary and ballet routines.  Mickey rocked both hip hop and ballet.  He has made the decision to drop hip hop and add jazz for next year.  Minnie and Mickey both auditioned for dance team two weeks ago.  As expected, Minnie made it, Mickey did not.  He needs some additional training, but he took it better than expected.  Minnie also made Jr. Company for next year and even though she will turn 9 in the fall, she will only be in 3rd grade and that is not ideal for jr. company, as they prefer the children be in 4th grade, but she was determined to prove she was ready and so she did.  So, dance has been eventful.


Both kids wrapped up the school year with good grades (Minnie) and less than good grades (Mickey), but both move on to the next grade for next year.  Mickey struggled quite a bit behaviorally over the last 3 months or so, and it showed in his grades.  His A’s and B;s from 10 weeks ago fell to barely passing.  As has historically been the case, his grades are always impacted by his behavior.


We did increase his medication for the first time in nearly 2 years and it was a minor increase, but seemingly it was enough to make a difference – unfortunately we probably should have done it two months ago, but we were just beginning the behavior increases.  We are back to normal now.

We squeezed in one more Disney trip to celebrate adoption day last weekend.  We won’t go back until October and we were there for about 50 hours, but it was fun.



Our basement waterproofing was done, but we are still awaiting the contractor to come back and put in walls and floors.  Our new washer and dryer were delivered and provided far more excitement for me, after months of hanging clothes to dry, than I care to admit 🙂

I became a great aunt!  I am, of course, entirely too young for that, but my lovely niece didn’t get that memo.  He is lovely and absolutely perfect.

We added a new pet – Spots the gecko.  He was going to be released into the wild and of course, Minnie couldn’t let that happen.  He is growing on me, though I wasn’t thrilled with his joining the family.  Who just releases a pet after having it for 5 years?

And the first appointments for kidney donation to my brother were done.  We are a match – I still have some more testing to do before getting clearance, but he has been fully approved for transplant.

Minnie’s flat Stanley project was the most popular in her class – he went to – you guessed it – Disney with my dear friend.  He met a dozen princesses, Star Wars characters, ran a Star Wars 5k and hung out with Disney horses.  He even sent personalized Mickey ears back to Minnie’s teacher.  Minnie thought it was the coolest thing ever.

So, my apologies for slacking on the updates.  I will try harder.  The kids are home for the summer, with the exception of some dance camps for Minnie and one for Mickey.  We are Chicago and Indiana bound this summer, but otherwise, we are just trying to establish a summer routine, which is important for Mickey.  We are also working on getting the pool open for the season, which will help with keeping the kids busy.

And because Sherbert doesn’t like to not be included in posts – here is one pic that just makes me smile – mainly because it isn’t easy to get a picture with both of them being still enough to snap a photo.

Mickey and Sherbert