Summer has always been a challenge, specifically for Mickey.  Daycare is obviously not a good fit – though that is what we have done every year and we have gritted our teeth through the whole summer.  This year, I am home full time for the first time ever.  This is proving more challenging than I had expected.  Last summer I was home for 2-3 days a week and we broke the days up with daycare summer camp.  This gave Mickey and Minnie a much needed break from each other and if I am being honest, gave me a much needed break from them.  The fighting this summer is nonstop and that is driving me insane.

So, last week, I put a call out on facebook for summer camp suggestions for Mickey.  Minnie has several dance camps, but he had nothing planned.  So, I put it out there and got a suggestion back.  I wanted something half day at most and something he would enjoy.  Somebody suggested a mini camp at a local gym, which has a trampoline and Mickey loves trampolines.  Turns out, it was a perfect fit.  He insisted that Minnie go with him, because he was scared to go himself, but that went fine.  He went 3 days and wants to go back at the end of June for the whole week (1/2 days only).

Minnie heads to dance camp this week and Mickey has a play date with Grandpa – they are working on bikes and scooter repair/refurbishing.  So, this week should be calmer.

Also, a quick story of independence and the utter fear it put me into.  Mickey’s separation anxiety used to be crippling.  He couldn’t pee without a grown up in the room.  So, we walked around our lake on Thursday night.  It is about 3.5 miles.  We took the dog and the kids took their bikes.  They would ride ahead a bit and then come back for me and the slow dog (he has tiny little doxie legs and a body that is too big for those legs).  This worked well for the first 2.5 miles.  Then the kids got ambitious (or insane) and decided to go ahead and head home – without telling me.  They were supposed to stop at any streets.  Instead they crossed 3 and rode the mile home.  I panicked when I got to the next intersection.  I wasn’t sure where they headed.  To the left is a park they both love, straight ahead was their favorite nature path and to the right was the path to our house.

I was ready to call the police when they called using the neighbor’s phone.  I was afraid to go in any of the directions for fear they had gone the other way.  I basically stood at the intersection screaming their names for 25 minutes.  I was crying and shaking.  What possessed them to ride home without telling me? I have no idea, and I am not sure they really thought it through either – but they will while being grounded from friends and bikes for the week.  The positive is – Mickey knew his way home, he found a neighbor with a phone, he navigated multiple street crossings and got himself and his sister home without incident….I have to find the positives because the negatives and the what ifs are too scary to think about…..

In the meantime we have done some outdoor movies and a balloon festival…


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