My little prude

Conversations with Minnie two hours past bedtime (see previous post on bedtime issues)…

Minnie: Momma, when I am a teenager I am never having that s word.

Me: huh?

Minnie: You know, sex.  I am never having it ever.  And I am never drinking.  It smells bad, so I am sure it tastes bad.  And I don’t like smoking, so that won’t happen either. In fact, I don’t intend to get in trouble at all – other than maybe one detention, because, you know, I will be a teenager.

Now, I am sure this would be a wonderful opportunity to discuss sex, but is it wrong that I kind of want her to feel that way? Obviously, not the never part, just the teenager part.  I will have many sex talks with her – it is actually the main area of parenting that I would like to vastly improve upon my parents’ parenting method.  They never, ever discussed sex.  The weekend before I graduated they did mention that I shouldn’t drink or do drugs, etc.  They lived in a fools world where their children didn’t make mistakes, but let me assure you, we did. I know mine may and likely will, but they will be armed with knowledge.  Both have a predisposition for drug and alcohol abuse on their birth parents’ side, so those conversations have already started.

Minnie will know everything she needs to, but for now, I love the innocence of her being 8.  I have no idea why she is coming downstairs 2+ hours past bedtime to make these proclamations or what triggered it, but I am going to sleep secure in the fool’s notion that my daughter will remain a non smoking, non drinking, non trouble making virgin forever. And for now, I will sleep like a baby in this knowledge….denial is a beautiful thing 🙂


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