Foster kittens and fencing

This weekend we attending a party and my kids got to try fencing.  They were pretty excited.  They were under instruction from some trained folks, but Minnie didn’t care for it…See, Mickey kept moving closer and she didn’t like it.  “stop coming towards me!!!”. The adults laughed and Minnie was highly offended so she ran inside and cried.  She is my emotional one and clearly didn’t fully grasp the point of the exercise.  But, up until then they had fun.

We also got some temporary foster kittens.  The children are referring to them as the great CATastrophe…they are a hot mess of 7 week old fur,balls and providing hours of amusement.  We only have them for a week or less and I can’t pry either child out of the room they are staying in.

Today I have to go into the office.  Grandpa gets to watch the kids and I have to go found out whether I get to survive the massive job cuts my company is doing as they move more and more offshore.  So, fingers crossed but I don’t have a great feeling.  Also my brother was admitted to the hospital ICU last night. So, please send positive thoughts/prayers whatever you do, our way.  We could certainly use them. Thanks.


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