Jobs, cousins, fireworks, kittens and nightmares

The news last week on my job was not good.  I have about 7 weeks until I am officially unemployed. I have some severance beyond that too, but I am very concerned about finding a new job – and more importantly a job that can work with Mickey. So, fingers crossed.

Because of the employment situation, I can’t justify a 10 day vacation later this month, as planned.  So, we chose to attend a party at my cousin’s house in Southern Indiana last weekend.  This allowed us to see almost the entire family in one evening and that is a rare event.  I was also hit very hard by the loss of my grandparents, as this was my first trip home since losing my Grandpa last fall.  I did not do well and started crying when we first hit town and passed the street they lived on for most of my life.  We were there 24.5 hours before we headed back home for our already planned 4th of July activities.

The 4th was spent with my parents – first a parade, then we cooked out and finished off with the local fireworks. It was exactly as every previous 4th of July has been and that is perfect for us.

Two nights in a row, Minnie has woken up repeatedly with nightmares.  In her sleep she has told me what they were about when asked and both nights it has been something relatively benign that Mickey has done.  Example: this morning she cried out, I asked her what was wrong and she responded with “Mickey licked my spoon”.  So, apparently they even argue in her sleep. That sums up this summer perfectly, because they are either very sweet to each other or absolutely horrible.

Also, we fostered some kittens for 6 days and they are coming back tomorrow.  There have been lots of laughs, but my word, 5 seven week old kittens are a handful.  Minnie and Mickey are over the moon.


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