Our foster kittens came back last weekend.  We had to take them to Petsmart for adoption weekends and they had to go back tonight.  The thing is, I avoid Petsmart and Petco with my children at all costs.  The reason is that my children can’t see homeless animals and leave unscathed. There are tears…ever.single.trip.  I appreciate their compassion, but Minnie will one day be on hoarders for the 100 plus animals she will be housing.  Mickey wants the animals, but doesn’t actually want to do the work required to take care of them.

So, we spent the afternoon working the adoption event.  Minnie and Mickey fell in love with an adorable Russian hamster…they named her Dolly Parton.  They spent 4 hours staring at her, visiting her, watching her play and reading hamster paperwork and talking to employees about the beautiful Dolly.  They began a campaign in earnest to bring Dolly home.

Of course, I said no.  We have more than enough animals – 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 gecko, 2 fish.  Plus right this minute we are temporarily fostering 5 kittens in one room, 1 momma cat and 3 kittens in another.  Both sets will be gone by the end of the weekend, but I am feeling a little overwhelmed by the number of animals.  Mason and Sherbert are already feeling a bit neglected.

But, my children are relentless.  And they joined forces to convince me.  The last week has been beautifully awesome. They are heads together whispering and giggling.  They are leaving me sweet little love notes with subtle and not so subtle begging for a hamster. Minnie is hashtagging all notes with #VetMinnie and #Minnielovesanimals #MickeyandMinniewantahamster.  That is funny because they are handwritten.  I found notes taped to the gecko’s cage and the fish bowls where Minnie the fish, Jack the fish and Spots the gecko have written notes begging for a hamster.  Minnie wore a hamster t-shirt and kept walking into the room and pointing at the shirt when I said I didn’t want to hear the word hamster again.


The two of them sat and watched youtube videos on hamster care.  They pooled all their money.  They had enough for the hamster, cage, food.  They were only lacking the funds for the bedding, chew sticks and treats.  They asked for a loan.  Yesterday I awoke to the kids proclaiming “Mom! It is national hamster day!  Don’t you think today would be a perfect day to bring home our beautiful hamster?”  For the record, national hamster day is May 10th, but we mustn’t let facts get in the way of a campaign.

What does any good, soon to be unemployed mom do? She admires their fortitude and loaned them the $15 they were short.  She assigned them a list of chores to pay it back.

Please meet our newest addition Summer.  She was renamed from Dolly Parton because it turns out when your son talks about the singer Dolly Parton as much as Mickey does, having a hamster share her name is actually very confusing. I couldn’t make this stuff up.  Welcome to the family.  So far, she bit the heck out of Minnie while trying to transfer her and she seems very active but it will be a week or so before she will tolerate being handled.  20160714_223220.jpg


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