Snippets and Birthday 1

Snippets with my children during birthday week:

Minnie: tomorrow is my birthday!!!

Mickey: I know.  Since you are going to be nine, you could wake up and have the puberty.

Minnie: What?!?!?!?

Mickey: You know, where you get the boobies from.

Minnie: You are almost 11 and haven’t gotten the puberty yet.

Mickey: Duh. Boys don’t get boobies

Minnie: But you get hair under your arms and you don’t have hair under your arms.  So, clearly you are dumb.

The puberty, really?  Clearly we need more work on our puberty talks, but I was dying laughing.

Mickey: When you and Grandma are out shopping, remember how much me and
Minnie love you.  Like, so much that we just know that you are going to think about how much and will buy us the most amazing gifts.  Me and Minnie prayered for that.

Mickey: Since my birthday is on a weekend, I was thinking that Uncle should bring cupcakes to school on Friday and you can bring them on Monday.  My classmates would really appreciate twice the cupcakes.  Good plan?

Minnie: Mom, I am not sure I am ready to be 9.

Me: Why not?

Minnie: I don’t know, but maybe I can stay 8 just a little bit longer.

For the record, I would be okay with that.

Happy 9th birthday, sweet girl.  It is here – ready or not.  Your kindness, compassion, love for all living things and the joy you bring your brother and I is indescribable.  You find the best in everyone – you befriend the underdog, you see beauty where it is hard to find, your passion for animals and your light is impossible to darken.  Please be strong and keep it that way – you are the most remarkable at being you and my sincerest hope for you is that you are able to keep that up with the confidence and self assurance that I know you possess. Dance on baby girl – you are amazing!!



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