The pre-birthday meltdown

So, as is his usual, the end of September whatever it is, has taken a hold of Mickey.  Every year this week is tough, presumably because it is birthday week (Minnie, Grandpa, Mickey) and whether it is excitement or something else, Mickey’s behavior sucks. This year had been okay – not great, but okay this week.  Until yesterday.  He got in trouble at school yesterday for the first time this school year – 6 weeks (woohoo!).  I was contacted, but he was back under control, right up until the end of the day when he pushed over a desk and rolled a chair at the teacher (hard and in anger).  That cost him his privileges for today. This made him angry.

This morning he decided to act that anger out by refusing to get dressed, refusing to get on the bus, screaming at me in front of the house, hurting his sister, kicking the glass storm door until it broke, kicking my car, punching my car and slamming the flag and flagpole repeatedly on the ground until he broke them.  This fit lasted 10 minutes. He refused to go to school because he wasn’t going to get fun Friday – basically the afternoon of free time.  He was scary, he was angry, he was hurtful to his sister and I.  I recorded it all on my phone in case the neighbors called the police (it was that loud at 7am).

His birthday party is tomorrow and at this point, I can’t let it happen.  He, once calm and in the car on the way to school, tried negotiating his party and presents – “If I am good today”, “What if it is a perfect day?” or “please don’t tell Grandma”.  But, at this point I think it has to go.  This was serious this morning.  Had the police station been open when I drove him there this morning, I am not sure he would even be in school this morning.  It was that bad.

I wanted an officer to talk to him, about the harming of his sister, the truancy/refusal to go to school, and the destruction of property.  He thinks this is no big deal, so I wanted somebody with authority to explain the seriousness, not that I wanted to have him arrested. He is convinced that I am stupid, so when I say those things are against the law, he laughs it off.  See his school doesn’t work the way a regular school does – because of disabilities, it would really take bringing a weapon for the police to get involved. So, in his mind, because he has Autism the rules don’t apply the same way.  I don’t want a “scared straight” situation, just a talk with an officer who can make him understand the seriousness of what he is doing.

I informed the school that should there be any significant behaviors today, I am to be notified immediately.  I am not sure what I do from there, but I am beyond frustrated and at my whits end.

On a more positive note, yesterday was my dad’s 69th birthday.  Happy birthday, Dad.  Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do.  You have always been my biggest cheerleader, my fierce protector, and my rock.  You worked hard for your family and showed us what love should look like, in the way you are with mom and with your children and grandchildren.  You never hesitate to help me with the kids, see a band competition, a ballet recital, help teach a kid to ride a bike or build a birdhouse.  You rock, Dad and I am grateful that I got to be your daughter.



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