Well, it wasn’t pretty…

but, we survived birthday week 2016.  Mickey lost his presents and party, but he got his cake.  Yesterday I went to school and took cupcakes (but not his special lunch) to class for he and his classmates.  It was a compromise born of a much better weekend than Friday morning indicated. He apologized for behavior, he begged for “earning back” his presents and I had to say no.  Unfortunately, I gave in last year and look where it got us.  I would very much like to ward this off from happening again next year – though it still might.

Interestingly, yesterday when I took his cupcakes to him, his teacher pulled me aside and said “Mickey has contacted the resource officer at the school and asked him to track down the birth mother.  He says he has an address and he wants him to start there”.  This may be a good indicator of why birthday week is a problem. We don’t usually see such obvious connections, but birthday/birth family makes sense.  I have always attributed the birthday week meltdowns to the out of routine, over stimulating, etc, but this makes more sense. It is worth noting that the address wasn’t one and obviously the officer wouldn’t do it anyway, but interesting that that was where is head was.

So, on a nicer note – the Johnny Cash wax museum project is coming along well.  Mickey has NEVER been so excited by a school project.  We even used that Halloween black hairspray to darken his hair for our test run this weekend. Here are some birthday/Johnny Cash pics. So, happy 11th birthday, Mickey.  Thank you for challenging me in every way, for providing me with tons of laughter (and tears), for working hard to make progress.  I can’t wait to see what the world has in store for you, my boy.


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